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Views on Northern Soul Issues

Playing boots at Sleepless Nights

After 4 years and 6 months have decided to stop the policy of allowing some boots to be played at SN!
Its a sort of good news bad news story. The club and the scene in Dublin has moved on since 2002, with that comes better collections, more dj's to attempt accomodate, expanding our own SN sound
The bad news, well it means its getting more serious, with that comes more politics and more opinions :)

I still feel that other towns in Ireland trying to create a local scene can allow boots if it helps to long term grow support, but each to their own.

I had wanted to keep the Oldies Night an "open" policy, but it's felt it might be a swipe at such nights being regarded as secondary to usual club nights and maybe create confusion too.

We've never really played that many to be fair, only the harder ones and never when an overseas guest is on. Peer pressure has driven the dj to find his own or revive forgotten tunes.
Update Jan 2008: A discussion on irish soul forum confirms
we stick to our policy, others think it not for them. Clubbers/dancers dont really care, its behind the scene stuff.