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May 2007
John Dunne
Commands: Hey Its Love (Backbeat)
Chantals: Indian Giver (Verve)
Tony Daniels: How Lonely (Sport)
Ben E King: Teeny Weeny Little Bit (Atco)
Pat + The Blenders: Just Because (Fast Eddie)
Dorothy Williams: Watchdog (Volt)
Jimmy Preacher Ellie: I'm Gonna Do It By Myself (Jewel)
Susan Maughan: That Other Place (Philips)
Gary Sole: Holding On (Knight)
John Bowie: You're Gonna Miss A Good Thing (Merben)
Tommy Navarro: I Cried My Life Away (Dejac)
Freddie Houston: If I Had Known (Old Town)
Buddy Ace: True Love , Money Can't Buy (Duke)
Bogis Chimes: I Think You'll Find (Champ)
Etta James: Mellow Fellow (Argo)
Marion James: That's My Man (Excello)
Impressions: I'll Always Be Here (Curtom)
Queen Yahna: Ain't It Time (P&P)
Barbara Mason: Ain't Got Nobody (Arctic)

Paul Davis
Helen Shapiro - He Knows How To Love Me - Columbia
Larry Trider - Carbon Copy - Coral
Della Reese - A Clock That's Got No Hands - RCA Victor
Diane Pane - What Side Your Bread Is Buttered On - Logo
Brenda Lee - Time And Time Again - Decca
Kenny Hamber - Time - De Jac
The Gilettes - The Same Identical Thing - J&S
Mack Rice - Baby I'm Coming Home - Lu Pine
The Pussycats - I Want Your Love - Columbia
The Styletts - Too Far To Turn Around - Pillar
Juanita Williams - Baby Boy - Golden World
Little Carl Carlton - So What - Lando
Susan Shirley - Really Into Something - Philips
Chris Clark - Something's Wrong - Unissued Motown
The Lollipops - Love Is The Only Answer - RCA Victor
Anita Humes & The Essex - What Did I Do - Roulette
The Bobbettes - Tighten Up Your Own Home - Mayhew
Peppermint Harris - Wait Until It Happens To You - Jewel
Syng McGowan - That's What I Want - Hope
The Artistics - Girl I Need You - Brunswick
The Amazers - Without A Warning - Thomas
The Lovables - You Can't Dress Up A Broken Heart - Toot
The Etchics - I Want My Baby Back - Vent
Jodi Mathis - Don't You Care Anymore - Capitol
Clydene Jackson - I Need Your Love - Soul HQ

Early Doors
Dana Valery - You Babe - Brunswick
Nella Dodds - P's & Q's - Wand
Al Williams - Try Them - Grapevine
Joe Murphy - So Blue - Vivid
Al McCarther - His True Love For You - Two Guitars
April May & June - He Went Away - RCA
Tommy Turner - Lady - Elbam
The Carvels - Don't Let Him Know - Twirl
Sue & Mel - We Started This Thing Together - Star Track
Blondell Breed & The Imports - When I See My Baby - Atac
Lenny Roybal - Don't - Canterbury
Jimmy Holiday - I've Been Done Wrong - Diplomacy

Double Decking With John
Marvin Gaye - Its A Bitter Pill To Swallow - Tamla
The Tams - Find Another Love - General American
Roy Roberts - Got To Have Your Love - Ninandy
Doren Loren - It Only Hurts When I Cry - Capitol
Dee Dee Sharp - Coming Home Baby - Cameo
Patrice Holloway - Ecstasy - Capitol
Tommy Navarro - Whats Wrong With You Baby - C/U
Betty Moorer - Speed Up - Wand
Wilson Pickett - Let Me Be Your Boy - Verve
The Marvellows - Your Little Sister - ABC
Joan Baker - Everybodys Talking - Diamond
Devotions - Same Old Sweet Lovin - Tri Sound
Lonnie Lester - You Can't Go - Nutone
Orlons - Envy - Cameo
Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin - Will I Find Love - Brunswick
Flame N King - Ho Happy Day - NYCS
Harvey Averne Dozen - Never Learned To Dance - Uptite
Little Gigi - I Volunteer - Decca
The Chosen Few - Birth Of A Playboy - Maple
The Exits - You Got To Have Money - Gemini

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Music played at Sleepless Nights
July 21st feat: Soul Sam

making the idea of trying to get soul sam to dublin, started off with a call to steve thomas.(the hollyhead man helped out more later, ta steve)

finally getting an answer on his home phone we run some possible friday dates, he's usually "not as busy", but no dates suit later in year, "tho next month is free", so we agree to go
for it with little over a month to go. he isnt on internet and couldnt remember his mobile # at time, so pigeon was chosen form of communication.
pip lets me know, sam arrives over on ferry accompanied by gwynn from bangor.
i arrive at venue on one of the hottest days to an oven, all the windows closed, no air conditioning, losing weight just thinking bout setting up the gear.

we get it all sorted and steve riddell kicks it off with some loverly mellow sounds; beloyd,eliminators and more.meanwhile we go about opening
every door and window, supported by an failing aircon system

then pip tells me sams not feeling well, the heat his sinuses etc. "yeah joke royt" but i see over his shoulder sam dissolving into the floor.

i find him  the coolest square metre in the furnace and least his not deteriating any further. whew thoughts of sam collapsing on us, let down irate crowd, then "i was here when sam.." all flowing through my over heated brain

sam retires to a fridge for a while, sam returns and i find a fan to stick in his face, he's ready.

Sam had asked what sort of sounds "start with 6ts then see where you go" i reply.

he took us on a magicarpetridebytheseatofyourpantswingingsorta set. without doubt one of the best nights witnessed in dublin. this was all about sam, but the other djs deserve praise, (good to see Joe gettin back to his 6ts for SN) an "up for it" crowd that included folk from belfast, clonmel, limerick and yorkshire


soul sam

Joe Jama - My Life
Margaret Little - Love finds a way
Belita Woods - Foolish Girl
Ellipsis - People
Del Larks - Job Opening
Jimmy Bo Horne - Just Can't Speak
Montclairs - Hey you, dont fight it
Joseph Webster - my love is so strong
Tommy Ridgely - My Love Gets Stronger
Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories
Hamilton Movement - She's Gone
Wee - Try Me
Earnestine Eady - Lets Talk It Over
Eddie Whitehead - Just Your Fool
primers - how does it grab you
al gardner - sweet baby
cashmeres - dont let the door..
al williams - i am nothing
little major williams - girl dont leave me
flourescent smogg - all my life
neurons - all my life
dj genesis - tribute
michael proctor - let love live
john & weirdest - cant get over these memories
mr soul - what happened to yesterday
jimmy bo horne - i just cant speak
johnny rogers - gonna make a change
chuck holiday - just cant trust nobody

bingo - we cant get enough - silver blue
sam fletcher - more today than yesterday - vault
precisions - what i want - drew
volumes - gotta have love - audio arts
superlatives - dont walk away - dynamic
bobby sheen - something new to do - wb
gloria lynn - you dont have to be a tower.. - everest
barbara lynn - i dont need a playboy - tribe
i.a.p & co - check yourself - colossus
porgy & monarchs - hey girl - musicor
darrell banks - somebody somewhere - revilot
willie tee - first taste of hurt - gatur
sandra richardson - stay here with me - inter soul
charles spurling - she cried just a minute - king

john bowie - your gonna miss a good thing - merben
masquaders - thats the same thing - soultown
tony clarke - landslide - chess
o'jays - backstabbers - cbs
chuck jackson - ive got the need - all platinum
isonics - sugar - kammy
george byrd - im available - tangerine
jackie lee - darkest days - abc
roy hamilton - panic is on - mgm
harold melvin - love i lost - pir
archie bell - where will you go - pir
bros of soul - i'd be grateful - boo
garland green - angel baby - uni

joe moran
traits - someday someway - contact
debonaires - headache in my heart - solid hit
roy roberts - i know what to do to satisfy you - rock house
limitations - i'm lonely i'm troubled - Bacone
charles mann - hey little girl - lanor
e jackie hines - i'm so glad - cosmic
the inspirations - touch me hold me kiss me - black pearl
sonny hines - nothing like your love - airtown
the ballads - i cant see your love - veejay
little jewel - i want to - tayster
linda jones - i just cant live my life - wb
millionaires - never for me - mercury
the broadways - sweet and heavenly melody - mgm
mixed emotions - gold of my life - rockway

Joe Murphy - So Blue - Vivid
Harold Hutton - Lucky Boy - Checker
The De Vons - Someone To Treat Me (The Way You Used To) - King
Maxine Crayton - Don't Take Your Love - Steeltown
George Jackson - I Don't Have The Time To Love You - Mercury
Lorraine Chandler - Mend The Torn Pieces - Unreleased
The Paramounts - I Won't Share Your Love - Mercury
Jackie Follett - I Am What I Am - Verve Forecast
Brenton Wood - Sweet Molly Malone - Brent
Colette Kelly - City Of Fools - Volt
Robert Tenard - Gotta Get Goin' - Fabolus
Shirley Wahls - Why Am I Crying - King
Yvonne Carroll - Stuck On You - Domain
Larry Cappel - Hush, Hush - Rca

Orlons - Envy - Cameo
Little Gigi - I Volunteer - Decca
Dee Dee Sharp - Deep Dark Secret - Cameo
Neil Sedaka - Too Late - Rca
Ted Taylor - Somebodys Always Trying - Okeh
Joe Simon - I Got A Whole Lot Of Lovin - SS7
Roy Roberts - Got To Have Your Love - Ninandy
Harvey Averne Dozen - Never Learned To Dance - Uptite
Vernon Garrett - Angel Doll - Venture
Cindy Malone - Try To Understand - Capitol
Victor Knight - Chinatown - Ron-Cris

billy stewart - summertime
little milton - lets get together
ambassadors - good love gone bad
vibrations - end up crying
caesers - girl i love you
four larks - i still love you
cheers - take me to paradise
tim - i need your love
profiles - raindrops
jj barnes - chains of love
james brown - money wont change you

m reeves & vandellas - show me the way
vernon harrell & little gigi - baby donthca worry
nat kendrick - here it is
dream team - im not satisfied
curly moore - you dont mean
bobettes - happy go lucky me
wayne anthony - you aint wrapped to tight
marjorie black - one more hurt
merle spears - i want to know
tiny topsy - miss you so
dee dee sharp - what kind of lady

here's most of what i played, no order tho from saturday february 18th 2006;
voices of east harlem - cashing in - just sunshine*
terry callier - look at me know - cadet*
themes - no explanation needed -minit*
san fran tko's - make up your mind - kent anniv
emanuel laskey - dont lead me on - thelma*
steve mancha - friday night - groovesville
masquaraders -same thing - soultown
showstoppers - heartbreaker - beacon
sam & kitty - ive got something good - four brothers*
shirley & jessie - you cant fight love - wand
marlena shaw - wade in the water - cadet
pioneers - my good friend james - mercury*
ojays - backstabbers - cbs
nf porter - keep on keeping on - lizard
archie bell/drells - where will you go..-pir
imperialites - have love will travel - imperial
david coleman - drown my heart - barry*
dorothy williams - watchdog - volt
creations - dream -zodiac
kelly bros - crying days are over - sims

Pip (from dice bar, where we used to play saturdays 6-9pm or lata)

Dice Bar - 15/02/03
Barbara Dane - I'm on my way
Ted Taylor - You give me nothing to go on
Joe Tex - I wanna be free
Joe and Mack - Don't you worry
Sam and Kitty - Your money my love
Cookie Jackson - I Didn't Lose A Doggone Thing
Tangeers - Let my heart and soul be free
Tangeers - This Empty Place
Barbara Hall - You Brought It On Yourself
The Fuzz - I'm So Glad
Edwin Starr - Time is passing by
Ex Sayveons - Running Wild
The Emotions - Somebody New
The Pentagons - Until Then
The Ambassadors - Good Love Gone Bad
Flamingos - Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
The Ambassadors - I've got to find happiness
Honey Townsend - The World Again
Sharpees - Tired of being lonely
Determinations - You can't hold onto love
Herbert Hunter - I was born to love you
The Brothers - Are you ready for this
Doug Banks - Kept on dancing
Fred Hughes - Don't Let Me Down

Karl Mitchell  (SN 18/3/05)

Marvin Gaye - A bitter pill to swallow - Tamla
Freda Payne - on easy street - MGM
Flmae n King - ho happy day - N.Y.C.S
Debra johnson - To get love you got to bring love - Kent
Yvonne Daniels - I got to get close to you - Red Lite
Joe Simon - I got a whole lot of love - SS7
Martha & Vandellas - You've been in love to long - Gordy
The Bronzettes - (Beggin) baby don't leave me - Double Soul
Linda Jones - Last minute miracle - MGM
Lou Johnson - If I never get to love you - Big top
Baby Washington - Leave me alone - Sue
Curtis Blandon - Mr imagination - Port
Jackie Shane - Comin down - Sue
The Diplomats - Cards on the table - Arock
Etta James - Next door to the blues - Argo

ChRIS Morgan FOR FRIDAY NIGHT 4th anniv warm up

Paul McKay 4th anniv Saturday night 11.45 - 12.45
Charades - The key to my happiness - MGM DJ
Frank Beverley & Butlers - If that's what you wanted - Gamble
Jesse Johnson - Left out - Old Town
Willie Kendricks - Change your ways - RCA
Gladys Kinght & Pips - Just walk in my shoes - UK Tamla Motown DJ
Rubin - You've been away - Kapp DJ
Majestics - I love her so much it hurts me - Linda DJ
Bobby Kline - Say something nice to me - MB
Ideals - The mighty lover - Boo-ga-loo
Cashmeres - Show stopper - Hem
Ronnie McNeir - Sitting in my class - De-To
Pat & Blenders - Just because - Fast Eddie
Bill Bush - I'm waiting - Ronn
Joe Matthews - She's my beauty queen - Thelma
O'Jays - I'll never forget you - Imperial DJ
Soul Communicaters - Those lonely nights - Fee Bee
Sam Fletcher - I'd think it over - Tollie DJ
Timmie Williams - Competition - Mala DJ
Hytones - Bigger and better - A-bet
Fi-Dels - Try a little harder - Key-men
Volcanos - (It's against) The laws of love - Arctic DJ
Soul Bros. Six - I'll be loving you - Atlantic DJ
Timi Yuro - It'll never be over for me - UK Liberty

Danny Saturday 4th anniv
Appreciations - She never really loved me -Sport
Walter Scott - Brand New Girl - Ivanhoe
Bros of Soul - I'd be grateful - Boo
Dorothy Williams - Watchdog - Volt
Denise lasalle - Love reputation - chess
Buddy Lamp - I wanna go home - wheelsville
Jackie Lee - Darkest days - abc
John Bowie - Your gonna miss a good thing - Merben
Kelly Bros - Crying days are over - sims
steve mancha - friday night - groovesville
themes - no explanation needed - minit
Porgy & Monarchs - Hey girl - musicor
Masqua(r)ders - thats the same thing - soultown
SF Tko's - Make up your mind - Kent 100
Terry Callier - look at me now - cadet
Vibrating Vibrations - Suprise party - neptune
Voices of East Harlem - Cashing in - Just sunshine
Cliff Nobles - My love is getting stronger - JV
Tony Middleton - Paris Blues - Mala

Harpo saturday 4th anniv
Ruby Andrews - just lovin you -zodiac
Dynells -call me - atco
Big dons rebellion - it was true - ethon
Seven souls - I still love you - okeh
Elbie parker - please keep away - veep
Patrice Holloway - stolen hours - capitol
Lost soul - secret of mine - raven
Tangeers - heart and soul be free - okeh
Ernest mosley - stubborn heart - la cindy
Steinways - you been leading me on - oliver
James bounty -prove yourself a lady -compass
Barbra mc neir - baby a go go - soul
Billy prophet - what can I do - sue
Frank Beverly - if that is what you wanted - sassy
Billy hambric -she said good bye - drum
Young blood smith - you can split