yvonne baker-my baby needs me-modern
the chalfontes-he loves me-mercury
darrell banks-our love is in the pocket-stateside
september jones-im coming home-kapp
the amazers-without a warning-thomas
silky hargraves-hurt by love-d town
rock candy-alone with no love-dontee
christy allen-walk tall like a man-diamond
the traits-too good to be true-garrison
the vontastics-ill never say goodbye-satellite
marvin l.sims-get off my back-revue
gerri granger-breakdown-big top
bunny sigler-follow your heart-cameo parkway
cindy malone-is it over baby-capitol
gloria parker-hello baby,goodbye too-llp
rosebuds-say youll be mine-tower
kelly garrett-loves the only answer-smash
lee sain-i cant fight it-broach
the capitols-dont say maybe baby-karen
the united four-shes putting you on-harthon......

Paul Grant
J.B. TROY - LIVE ON (musicor)
THE JIVE FIVE - YOU'RE A PUZZLE (united artists)

Martin Goggin
Fragile, Handle With Care – Sam Dees (Atlantic)
On The Real Side – Larry Saunders (Turbo)
Did It Ever Cross Your Mind – Jimmy Burns (Minit)
Lift This Hurt - Elvin Spencer (Winner)
A Woman Can’t Do What A Man Do – Dino & Doc (Volt)
SauerKraut – Frederick Knight (123)
Who Will Do You’re Running Now – Marvin Smith (Mayfield)
Keep Your Chin Up – Jackie Ross (Brunswick)
Look At Me, Look At Me – Vernon Greene (Minit)
Keep On Talking – Phillip Mitchell (Smash)
Today I Want To Go Outside – Act III (Harley)
Angel Baby – Darrel Banks (Atco)
I’m Onto You Girl - Skip Jackson (Dot Mar)
I’m Her Only Man – Joe Wilson (White Cliffs)
All Of A Sudden – Jeanette Williams (Backbeat)
Mr. Creator – Apollas (WB)

mel britt - she'll come tunning back - fip
lenny curtis - nothing can help you now/who you gonna run to - end
terry callier - look at me now - cadet
Four Pros - just another girl - carla
lou edwards - talkin bout poor folks - columbia
Gwen macrae - lead me on - columbia
four perfections - im not strong enough - partytime
vonettes - touch my heart - cobblestone
sidney joe qualls - run to me - dakar
steve mancha - friday night - groovesville
tim rose - i got a loneliness - cbs
irma & larks - without you - priority
walter jackson - let me come back - brunswick
marvin l sims - get off my back - revue
clifford binns - youve got to help me - carrie
combinations - bump ball - rca vic
fantastic four - as long as i live - ric tic
jimmy delphs - almost - karen
nancy wilcox - my baby - rca vic
otis leavill - keep on loving - columbia
disciples of soul - thats the way love goes - phantom
fontella bass - recovery - chess

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Have lifted Dave Rimmers review from his soul source blog

Oh Danny Boy

I tried my hardest to avoid using that title, but when Danny Duggan booked me to DJ at Sleepless Nights in Dublin,,,,what can you do ??

So at 4.30 am on the Friday morning I'm up doing breakfast for Margie and the dog (they both have three slices of toast so no problem confusing them) and then it was off to the station to meet Woody and Lou for the train to Birmingham airport. I know that you have to book either early or late flights to get the really cheap tickets, but it doesn't half make it a long day when you arrive at the airport at 6.20 am !

No problems booking in or going through Customs, although Margie was stopped at the metal detector. She claims it was her Mobile phone which set it off, personally I think it was all the gold bullion she was smuggling through, but they didn't find that so we were okay to board the plane.

Now Lou is scared of flying, and it has taken her several weeks to just build up the courage to even think about coming with us. So scared of flying that when the train arrived at the airport she couldn't look at the planes on the runway !! Almost as soon as we boarded the plane she assumed the 'Crash Position', head down, eyes closed, arms of the chair gripped so tightly that there were hand impressions on the metal. I thought it was hilarious, but the two young girls sitting next to her were a little worried to say the least.

But, and I was ever so pleased for Lou, once the plane was off the ground she relaxed enough to sit up and chat to us. She even laughed when I started shaking the back of the chair in a rather violent way. (I know, evil of me wasn't it). Bythe time we landed she was fine, and I could have joined in the cheer and round of applause she spontaneously came out with when we landed. I know I've taken the mickey here, but this really was a big challenge for Lou, and I really do mean it when I say WELL DONE !

Taxi to the hotel, drop the bags off, and at 10 am what can you do in Dublin ? We went to the pub ! A full Irish Breakfast with a pint of Smithwicks hit the spot. Margie and Lou decided to go and do a bit of shopping, so Woody and I decided to stay in the pub. In April when we were over we never actually ventured any further into Dublin than the first pub round the corner from the hotel, so this time I was determined to experience a bit more of this wonderful city. So we downed our pints and set off to explore. The next pub along had the most wonderful name: Madigans Drinking Emporium. It just conjures up images of an old fashioned boozer with sawdust on the floor, and an open fire, smokers, and a really good choice of quality ales.

Unfortunately in this sterile day and age, all we got was a very smart pub with a choice of good quality ales, but that kept us going for a while. Feeling adventurous, we sallied forth into the grey overcast weather to the next pub. Brannigans: where we only stayed for one pint, well half a pint really because I managed to spill most of mine all over my trousers, it looked like I was a wino with dubious bladder control !!

Margie and Lou got back, Margie having spent an absolute fortune on T-Shirts and Guinness pens for the kids, and were talking about a great big 'Spike' in the middle of the street ? I thought they had been drinking on the sly because I'd never noticed it, but true enough, when I went for a walk Sunday morning, there it was. A huge metal spike right in the middle of O'Connell Street, it must be 200 feet tall, and sways in the wind. How could I have missed it ? And I can hear you thinking...befuddled by alcohol, and you're probably right

A couple more pints in the hotel meant that the rooms were ready, so we all went off for a couple of hours kip. As usual I woke up first so went and had a fight with the power shower. The jet of water was so strong I had to warn Margie not to get her bouncy bits under it !!! Something to eat, and then downstairs for Sleepless Nights.

Although this was only the second time I'd been to Dublin, there were so many friendly and familiar faces there it boded well for a good evening. I was a little worried by the low numbers early on, but Danny Duggan explained that most people wouldn't arrive until 11 pm because that was they way things worked in Dublin. He was spot on as well because from about half ten onwards there was a steady stream of people coming through the door, and it turned out a lot better attended than some Soul nights I've been to over here recently.

The first couple of spots were by a couple of local lads (One of whom was making his debut) and I'm sorry but I never got their names. Pip came on next and played a blinder, it was a good way to warm up for his spot at Jacks on the Saturday night, I hope it went well mate). Woody hit the decks at 11pm, and soon got the floor moving with a set of uptempo tunes (I'll get a playlist from him later and add it in.)

Danny followed on, and slipped a few Seventies into the mix which kept the floor full, then Paul Grant did a cracker of a spot, and finished with a record I didn't know at all. I know I asked him what it was, and he showed me the label, but alcohol and lack of sleep mean I can't remember the artist, title or label ! Impressive eh ??? So if you're reading this Paul, let me know what it was please.

Danny had asked me to do the last hour, and to me, at Soul nights that always has to be the 'Send 'em home happy' hour. So no 'cutting edge' undiscovered tracks from me, just plenty of good Northern Soul and R & B.

Sleepless Nights Playlist 1.30 am to 2.40 am

Joanne Courcy - I Got The Power - Twirl
Thelma Lindsey - Prepared To Love You - Magic City
The Cavaliers - Hold Onto My Baby - RCA
The Cooperettes - Shing A Ling - Brunswick
The Satisfactions - Take It Or Leave It - Smash
The Casualeers - Dance Dance Dance - Roulette
The Valentinos - Sweeter Than The Day Before - Chess
The Van Dykes - Saving My Love For A Rainy Day - Mala
The Vondells - Hey Girl (You've Changed) - Airtown
Ike & Tina Turner - Dust My Broom - Tangerine
Mickie Champion - What Good Am I - Musette
Johnny Sayles - I Can't Get Enough - St Lawrence
Big Daddy Rogers - I'm A Big Man - Midas
The Delcos - Arabia - Ebony
The Idols - Just A Little Bit More - Reveille
The 5 Royales - Catch That Teardrop - Home Of The Blues
Frank Dell - He Broke Your Game Wide Open - Valise
The Caressors - I Can't Stay Away - Ru-Jac
The Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman
The Hyperions - Why You Wanna Treat Me Like You Do - Chatahoochie

The Magnetics - I Have A Girl - Ra-Sel
Troy Dodds - Try My Love - El Camino
Elbie Parker - Please Keep Away From Me - Veep
Jimmy Wallace - I'll Be Back - Alpha
Johnny Mae Mathews - I Have No Choice - Big Hit
Ray Pollard - The Drifter - United Artists
Andrea Henry - I Need You Like A Baby - MGM

I have to say the Irish crowd are one of the most enthuiastic I've come across in a long time, they whistled and clapped through almost every record, and that's something you don't see these days in the UK. It's such a shame because it adds so much to the atmosphere of the night. Mind you the two darling young ladies who decided to bear their breasts to me in appreciation also helped (Live that one down girls !!!)

Finally, I played the last record of the night at 2.40 am having over run by ten minutes (With the approval of the staff believe it or not), so one last photo and then off to bed.

A brilliant night, brilliant company, good beer, good music, I just wish it was a bit closer because I'd be there every month if it was.

As usual I was up at the crack of dawn, having had three hours sleep, so by the time I got the others up and moving I was starving, so first port of call was the pub, and another scrumptious breakfast. I tell you what, they've got the right idea in these Irish boozers, the place was packed at 10 am on a saturday morning.

Fed and watered we went off to the Guinness Storehouse to do the tourist bit. It was quite funny because Margie and Lou both have problems with their knees, and as the exhibition is on seven floors it looked like Margie still had the bondage leg irons on, and Lou was doing impressions of the Ministry of Silly Walks. We made it to the top eventually though and all enjoyed our complimentary pint of guinness........Dave Rimmer